About Us


About Ann:

Founded by a woman who wanted a more natural way for her family to stay healthy by using natural products and treatments, rather than the use of drugs and their side effects. Ann incorporates a holistic approach to health. She loves working with her clients and teaching them how to treat their bodies in a healthy way.

She educates on how to become healthier by getting rid of toxins in the body with Massage Therapy and in the home with 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and cleaners. Ann has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001. She attended the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy School located in Newington, CT.


Our Approach:

Massage Therapy is an effective complement to other health care services. Ann uses a “lighter touch” massage. The Swedish Massage is perfect for those who prefer a gentle massage that brings relaxation and a state of tranquility. Her style of massage focuses on stress relief and improvement of energy flow, while promoting a healthier body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, physical problems result from blockages in the flow of energy or “chi” in the body. Ann uses special techniques to release these blockages that help to eliminate the causes of pain and discomfort.

100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

Ann uses all Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Young Living, Distributor #874389. These oils are pure and cold pressed for the very best therapeutic benefit available today. Whether you are interested in receiving one of her specialty massages or are solely interested in learning about the variety and uses of these oils, call or e-mail her for an appointment or a free, no obligation consultation.

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